I’d Like to Ask You a Few Questions—And I’m Not Even Polish

Feel free to congratulate me, for this is my 50th blog post and coincidentally, my blogging antiversary.

“Yo, Dog,” I hear you saying,  “That is awesome!  You did it!  How and where can I send you a check?”  While your words are thoughtful and kind, I would appreciate it if you did not call me ‘Dog.’

Let me be perfectly clear: this not my anniversary and is thus my anTiversary, as it is a day OTHER than my anniversary, kind of like an UNbirthday is everyday BUT your birthday which makes today especially special for me because it is BOTH my unbirthday AND my antiversary which calls for excessive festal merriment and celebratory freedom to use run-on sentences and capital letters at will.

May 1st marks one year in the (blogo)sphere for me and I am therefore positioned in such a state that I must make a decision whether or not to continue said lame ramblings since Mr. Allpowerful WordPress keeps bugging me to renew my domain rental.  As I have stated from the beginning of this crazy thing, I have given myself a year to try out the waters and see if I could swim or at least just tread.  And while I honestly have no idea how to define achievement, I think I have been moderately successful even though I still do not really understand the blogging culture and, like The Avengers villain, have been fairly low-key about the whole thing (while wearing a really goofy hat).

But the questions about the future of conTIMplating are legion:  Should I continue this awkward relationship?  Or should I say it’s been fun, slip out quietly and not bother to call the next day?  If I do continue, what will it look like?  Should I change things up?  Should I push to expand my audience?  And how exactly does one convert European shoe sizes?   The bottom line is that this coming May 1st will either be a huge May Day celebration with enormous red banners and Russians driving their tanks around in a show of conTIMplating  strength and power, or it will be a scream of “Mayday!” over the radio followed shortly thereafter by a terrifying and tragic conTIMplating crash and burn of proportional proportions.

So, at the risk of being arrested for soliciting, I am, like the Beatles, seeking Help!  Won’t you please help me?

What follows is a simple reader survey that I suspect even the readers of this blog can accomplish with minimal research and/or consternation.   While aimed at regular and semi-quasi-regular or occasional readers, anyone can and is welcome to answer with a simple click of the mouse or tap of the pad or…um…well I guess that’s all, but in any case it is not difficult and might even be fun!  HaHa!  I’m having fun already!  Wee!  And now…

The Official Blue Welcome to The First Ever conTIMplating Reader Survey

Thank you for your participation and, as always, thanks for being regular.

11 thoughts on “I’d Like to Ask You a Few Questions—And I’m Not Even Polish

  1. Even your polling is hilarious. You are a never-ending font of wit that is helping to etch the smile lines into my face. Thanks alot, buddy. Without you the cacophony of the web would be a little less bearable. Keep up the good humor, man.


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