The Rules

Hello. My name is Tim. Welcome to The Rules.

Should the inexorable need be felt, all are welcome to comment on anything I or anyone else has written. Unfortunately, our uncouth bureaucratic litigious society dictates a need for boundaries. Please observe the following or your comment will be dumped like a beanie-jalapeño burrito:

1st Rule: You do not talk about Fight Club.

2nd Rule: The language you use reflects your intelligence and character. This sight is rated ‘G’. Assuming you can count to G, please keep it that way.

3rd Rule: The need for personal attacks and/or name calling are an obvious indicator that a) your position cannot be defended intelligently or 2) you went to public school. To combat this, the word ‘you’ is banned from the comment section. Nice ain’t just a city in France.

4th Rule: Assuming there is a discernable topic, stay on it. No one cares what you protest and no one wants what you are selling.

5th Rule: Thou shalt not steal. All rights are reserved according to the Buenos Aires Convention of 1910.  On that note, this is a rather lame personal, non-profit blog.  All images used are given attempted appropriate credit and thought to be public domain and/or fair use.  If you think this is not the case, please notify me nicely and I will humbly remove said item as I don’t really care anyway.

Sadly, this is probably To Be Continued…