I Would Have Driven Boston’s Freedom Trail, but I Lost My Khakis

Boston CommonIf you are familiar with Boston, you know that it is famous for its garden, its baked beans, and its 2013 baseball team resembling the cast of Duck Dynasty.  It is also arguably the educational capitol of the U.S. with such respected universities as BU, MIT and Harvard, where you can get a prestigious degree in Ancient Greek or Women’s Studies that is sure to jumpstart your career as a barista.

I had a day off there this week and I was going to follow the typical American crowd and go to Cheers, but nobody there knows my name.  So instead I ventured down Boston’s famous Freedom Trail and its many sites dedicated to the distortion of America’s founding.  And of course, I took copious notes so that upon my return I could save my readers from spending upwards of $3 on an official infomap and offer up this,

The Official conTIMplating Guide to The Freedom Trail for Those too Cheap to Shell Out $3 for the Official Infomap Continue reading

Let Them Eat (Urinal) Cake

Here we are coming off the big 4th of July weekend, even though the 4th was on a Wednesday and about as far from a weekend as it can get. For you home-schoolers, the 4th of July is known as Independence Day and is two days after the day in 1776 whereon we declared our independence from exorbitant taxation and government intrusion by the British, asserting instead that we could in fact do these thing just fine by ourselves, thankyouverymuch.

It all started when King Curious George, Roman Numeral III imposed the Stamp Act Continue reading