How Well Do You Know Your Famous 90s San Francisco Buildings?

Given that: I had a day off to putz around in San Francisco this weekend, and given that: I have done just about every touristy thing there is to do in San Francisco already, and given that: I had children in the 90s and thus the entertainment industry pretty much became dead to me at that point, and given that: roughly 87.3% of television and movies filmed in the 90s were set in San Francisco, and given that: I love the 90s as I was so young and virile and womens’ hair was so big, I decided to myself, “What better way to spend a day putzing around San Francisco than looking up houses and buildings that served as the settings for 90s television and movies?!”

So armed with Google and a comfortable pair of shoes, I proceeded to build my calf muscles by schlepping the hills of this horizontally-challenged city in search of famous inanimate edifices.  Below are the results in the form of a reader quiz to test your own Famous 90s San Francisco Houses and Buildings Knowledge with my very own Famous 90s San Francisco Houses and Buildings Tour Quiz.  I took all the pictures myself last Saturday except for the ones that didn’t turn out.  Those I stole from Wikipedia or Google.  The answer key is at the end with which to measure your fresh pimpin’ 90sness.  Lace up your Air Jordans and slap on your bracelets cuz here we go…


Q1) AlcatrazThis 1996 Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, Ed Harris terrorist-foiling film is actually named after the depicted location. The movie is…
A) San Francisco Bay
B) Waterworld
C) The Rock
D) Dwayne Johnson

Q2)040 This house was the series residence of Mary Kate and Ashley, only one of which you saw at a time which lead to the rumor that they were the same person who subsequently grew up to be a real-life anorexic. The TV show is…
A) Twin Peaks
B) Sibling Rivalry
C) Full House
D) Full But Then Puke It Up House

Q3)042 Perhaps San Francisco’s most famous movie house, it was the setting for this 1993 transgendering movie before transgendering was cool. The movie is…
A) The Crying Game
B) Mrs. Dalloway
C) Mrs. Doubtfire
D) The Target Bathroom Adventure

Q4)044 This church was the setting for a 1993 comedy about a criminal pretending to be a nun. It features Maggie Smith as a sharp-witted, respected woman of advanced years who heads up her family. The movie is…
A) Downtown Abbey
B) Nuns on the Run
C) Sister Act 2
D) Makin’ Whoopee

Q5)101 This California Street office building was the setting of a Brooke Shields sitcom during the peak of which one of its actors committed suicide. The TV show is…
A) Nothing Comes Between Me And My Calvins
B) Suddenly Last Summer
C) Suddenly Susan
D) Suddenly David Strickland Is Dead



This Potrero Hill home was set in the Pacific Heights neighborhood for the purposes of this 1990 Hitchcock-esque thriller that featured a cameo by The Birds star, Tippi Hedron. The movie is…
A) Tippecanoe And Tyler Too
B) Potrero Hill
C) Pacific Heights
D) For The Birds

Q7)305hugo This Hugo Street House was the home of Mike Myers’ strange family in a 1993 cult classic. The movie is…
A) Halloween
B) All the other Halloweens
C) So I Married An Axe Murderer
D) Heed! Pants! Now!

Q8)046 This Telegraph Hill apartment building was Michael Douglas’ home in this 1992 thriller that launched Sharon Stone’s lucrative career as a bimbo. The movie is…
A) Romancing the Stone
B) Big Stone Gap
C) Basic Instinct
D) Newman Gets An Eye Full

Q9)047 This Market building was where Christian Slater interviewed Brad Pitt about Tom Cruise in a 1994 family film in which homosexual undeads bite little girls. The movie is…
A) The Money Pitt
B) The Interview
C) Interview With A Vampire
D) The Target Bathroom Adventure

Q10)043 This home (just down the street from Q3) was the setting for this Golden-Globe winning and yet largely unwatched Fox-y drama in which a group of teens continue to live in a giant million-dollar home after the untimely death of their parents. The TV show is…
A) House of Blues
B) House Party
C) Party of Five
D) Unrealistic


Answer Key: C

1-2 Correct—Answers from hell.  You have Alicia Silverstone hair.


3-4 Correct—Aiight.  You have Alyssa Milano hair.


5-6 Correct—Dope.  You have Christina Applegate hair.


7-8 Correct—Off the heasy!  You have Sarah Jessica Parker hair.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 9: xxx attends the 2011 Robin Hood Foundation Annual Gala at the Jacob Javits Convention Center on May 9, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup)

9-10 Correct—All that and a bag of chips!  You have Cher hair!


(Photos from Pinterest.)

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