The Chronicles of Hernia

According to a number of movies from the 40s and 50s, Christmas is a warm, wonderful time to gather with loved ones and sing carols, exchange gifts, and eat goodies—much like it was in first-century Palestine. And so, I thought to myself, what more appropriate time  than that of joyous celebratory yuletidiness to have an abdominal mesh inserted into my nether regions?  I went to see my doctor about just such a possibility.

For those unfamiliar, such a mesh is the long-term fix for what is known in medical jargon as a ‘hernia’. For laymen and Jim Fowler fans, a hernia is not a wheezy African dog; that would be a laughing hernia, which are more painful than a coughing hernia but less painful than a sneezing hernia. A medical hernia is Continue reading

The Moaning and the Groaning of the Bell’s

Since I started this crazy blogging thing I have been inundated with three e-mails all asking me the same question: “Dude, what is up with that creepy picture?” Aside from being a 40-something educated man who is referred to as ‘Dude,’ I welcome such questions and will waste this weekly post by proffering an extensive explicatory explanation.

The photo is indeed of me, a.k.a. TIM of conTIMplating fame Continue reading