Just Call Me ‘For Dinner’

If you had read this post earlier, you could have surmised from the book on the lower portion of the bottom half of my page (that is not there anymore so don’t bother looking), that I had just finished reading Crow Killer: The Saga of Liver-Eating Johnson, about a legendary mountain man of the Old American West.  What struck me most about this book is the extreme coolness of mountain man nicknames: Bear Claw, White-eye, Arkansas Pete, Hatchet Jack, Mad Mose, and of course the main character, Crow Killer, otherwise known as Liver-Eating Johnson.

This got me conTIMplating nicknames, where they come from, and perhaps most importantly, why I don’t have one.  Continue reading

I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie

I almost hate to say this with all the ranting about gun control going on lately, but one of my favorite things to do is to kill time.  We Americans are very adept at killing time with all our TV networks and video games and work days and whatnot; it’s almost as if we invented it.  (As a parenthetical aside, killing time actually goes all the way back to the ancient Bedouin nomads who liked to mix it with a little lemon and put in on their chicken.)

My favorite way to kill time is at a used book store.  Used book stores are the perfect place to combine the paltriness of my nominal adventurism with the gargantuan nature of my striking tightfistedness.  Continue reading

I Would Read More Books About Anti-gravity, But I Find Them Hard To Put Down

Hello. My name is Tim, and I am a bibliophile.

“Hi Tim.”

At least I think I am. If not, I would like to be. I’m either that or a bookworm; I‘m not sure which applies. A bibliophile is one who suffers from bibliophilia, the love of books, whereas a bookworm is someone who loves books and either has worms or also loves worms. I’m pretty sure I’m not a bibliomaniac however, which is someone who stalks books with the faint hope of catching a glimpse of them without their slipcover and spirals into a jealous rage when someone else checks them out. Continue reading